UQ Poche Seminar Series on Indigenous Health

Our Seminar Series brings together the Indigenous health research community. This series showcases high-quality presentations from researchers, academics, HDR students, health professionals and community leaders.

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Danielle Butler and Antoinette White: Transforming access, relational care and outcomes in primary healthcare for an urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population

20 September 2022 11:30am12:15pm
Dr Danielle Butler, General Practitioner | Epidemiologist | Health Services Research, Institute for Urban Indigenous Health
Antoinette White, Research Assistant, Institute for Urban Indigenous Health

Shea Spierings: Once weren’t warriors: The impact of criminalisation and incarceration upon Aboriginal men

30 August 2022 11:30am12:15pm
Dr Shea Spierings
Poche Centre for Indigenous Health
The University of Queensland