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Professor Craig Munns is the Head, Mayne Academy of Paediatrics and Director, Child Health Research Centre at The University of Queensland. He is also a Senior Medical Office Department of Endocrinology at Queensland Children’s Hospital.

Prof Munns’ primary clinical and research interest is the diagnosis and management of primary and secondary paediatric bone disorders. He has published widely on nutritional rickets, genetic rickets, osteoporosis and osteogenesis imperfecta.  He has undertaken numerous trials of novel therapies in paediatric bone disease and their implementation into clinical practice.  Prof Munns is also heavily involved in enabling clinical trials in Advanced Therapeutics, including cell and gene therapy.


Launched in 2015, the Child Health Research Centre (CHRC) brings together leading researchers to tackle global challenges in child and adolescent health. Our vision is to grow a constellation of interdisciplinary researchers working for a happy and healthy life for all children, adolescents and families in Queensland and beyond. CHRC comprises 15 research groups that cover many aspects of child and adolescent health including brain development, respiratory and sleep medicine, musculoskeletal health, physical activity, allergy and immunology, and mental health.

There are many wicked health and wellbeing issues facing children and adolescents. To find the answers, we must bring together the stars of researcher, government, industry and the community to form unexpected constellations. Within The University of Queensland, we can start this by developing a Child, Adolescent and Family Health and Wellbeing Network. I see great potential for CHRC and Poche to work in collaboration to develop such a network and advance Indigenous health and wellbeing.

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