UQ Poche Centre for Indigenous Health

General Enquiries

Email: poche@uq.edu.au

Phone: +61 7 336 31678

Dr Chelsea Bond
Senior Lecturer
UQ Poche Centre
+61 7 336 57317
Emily Brand
Project Officer
UQ Poche Centre
+ 61 7 336 56699
Ms Louise Brewster
Morgan Brigg
Dr Morgan Brigg
Senior Lecturer in Peace and Conflict Studies
Associate Professor Christine Brown-Wilson
Associate Professor in Nursing Studies
+61 7 336 52316
Professor Tom Calma AO
Condy Canuto
Senior Lecturer
UQ Poche Centre
+61 7 336 57357
Ms Catherine Castan
Professor Luke Connelly
Professor of Health Economics
Dr Jodie Copley
Associate Professor in Occupational Therapy
+61 7 336 53011
Dr Emma Crawford
Dr Emma Crawford
Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
Professor Charles Gilks
Head of School & HIV/STI Prof Chair
+61 7 336 55280
Ms Amy Hagstrom
Dr Paul Harnett
Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Mr Al Harvey
Academic Projects Officer
UQ Poche Centre
Professor Michele Haynes
Professor Michele Haynes
Poche Centre, The University of Queensland
+61 7 334 69690
Dr Sophie Hickey
Dr Anne Hill
Senior Lecturer in Speech Pathology
+61 7 336 51461
Associate Professor Peter Hill
Associate Professor in Public Health
+61 7 336 55432
Professor Sue Kildea
Professor of Midwifery
Ms Tara Lewis
UQ Poche Scholar
Ms Chrisdell McLaren
Dr Richard Mills
Dr Alison Nelson
Dr Carmel Nelson
Dr Kate Odgers-Jewell
Dr Gary Osmond
Senior Lecturer in Sports History & ARC Future Fellow
Associate Professor Murray Phillips
(Acting) Director
UQ Poche Centre
+61 7 336 56637
Ms Katrina Rae
Kelly Roberts
Business Manager
UQ Poche Centre
Dr Yvette Roe
Associate Professor John Rynne
(07) 373 51428
Dr Steven Rynne
Senior Lecturer in Sports Coaching
Ms Lee Sheppard
UQ Poche Scholar
Mr Max Walker
UQ Poche Scholar
Associate Professor Jon Willis
Poche Centre Academic
UQ Poche Centre
+61 7 3365 6733