Our research

Prioritising Indigenous ways of knowing, being and doing, our research aims to transform long standing gaps in health disparity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples both here in Australia and internationally.

Our research expertise is in epidemiology and biostatistics, social and behavioural research, health services research, health system reform and policy transformation, and training, mentoring and capacity building. We focus on urban Indigenous health, public health, infectious disease, bloodborne viruses, sexual and reproductive health, child and maternal health, health promotion, substance use, mental health, chronic health conditions, sexuality and gender, and the effects of climate change on the health and wellbeing of Indigenous peoples.

Our research programs

Our research comprises four research groups:

"I begin with story. The story of my ancestors is the story of my beginning as a person. The story of my family places me within my kin and my community. The story of a colonized country places me within a historical context within a first world country. The story of my professional experiences places me within a sociopolitical and economic context. The story of my Indigeneity is the story of my being as an Indigenous person. The story of my research is the story of my beginning as an Indigenist researcher. The story of my healing authenticated my “blackness”, my knowledges and Indigeneity. I begin with story. Because I am Story. I begin with story. My Research is My Story.”

Dr Carmen Parter, Senior Research Fellow

Our research themes

Our work to transform health inequity and improve health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is centred in core research themes:

"The Poche Network is an important initiative to advance Indigenous health in Australia. With a focus on turning research into outcomes, we will be harnessing some of the best minds around the country to focus on wicked problems and creative solutions that will deliver lasting benefits to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.”

Patron and Chair of the Poche Network, Professor Tom Calma AO

Our research approaches and methods

Our multidisciplinary team draws on a wide range of research approaches and methods that prioritise Indigenous ways of being, knowing and doing, including:

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