Applications Closed: 2020 UQ Poche Centre for Indigenous Health Research Collaboration Seeding Grant

The UQ Poche Centre for Indigenous Health Research Collaboration Seeding Grant scheme is designed to promote research collaborations to improve health outcomes among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The intent of this scheme is to promote targeted research projects and encourage collaboration between the UQ Poche Centre, researchers across UQ, and the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health (IUIH) – the UQ Poche Centre’s key external collaborator.

The intent is to fund research which supports the objectives of the UQ Poche Centre, to improve urban Indigenous health outcomes across the life course. The research must be sector driven i.e. responds to a gap or need in Indigenous health as identified in collaboration with the Indigenous community. Activity should focus on translational research that improves models of health service delivery to urban Indigenous peoples, with a major emphasis on prevention and education, in one or more of the following themes:

  • Maternal and child health (Mum and Bubs);
  • Young people and adolescents (Healthy Transition to Adulthood);
  • Adults and older people (Health Living, Healthy Ageing).

The following projects have been identified as priorities for IUIH:

  • Impact assessment of the Broncos Deadly Choices Partnership;
  • Exploration  of REAL goal-setting (R – Relevant, E – Evidenced, A – Adaptable, L – Lived) with Indigenous families;
  • Exploring the utility of the ATOMIC (Australian Therapy Outcome Measure) to demonstrate social health outcomes with Indigenous families.

Other projects which meet the aims of the UQ Poche Centre and the collaboration with IUIH to better Indigenous health and wellbeing in South East Queensland may also be considered.  

Questions regarding the scheme and/or whether projects might be applicable, should be directed in the first instance to:

Dr Leanne Coombe
Program Lead, Education & Research at the UQ Poche Centre
E: or P: 344 32676

Scheme Operation and Funding

  • Total funding allocated to each project is up to a maximum of $40,000.
  • All funds must be expended in 2020. There will be no availability for the carry forward of unspent funds to 2021.
  • Applications may be made for funds to cover research staff time, teaching buy-outs, research field and travel costs, research consumables and dissemination costs. Research-related equipment, conference travel and research administration costs will not be covered, unless otherwise approved by the Assessment Panel.

Application Process

  • UQ researchers meet with IUIH to discuss possible research synergies, negotiate potential research collaborations, and develop a research proposal that falls within one of the areas outlined above.
  • Applications are due on Wednesday 27th November, 2019.
  • Proposals should be submitted via email to the UQ Poche Centre at, using the application form and any supporting documentation, as a combined pdf file titled “CIA full name_2020 Poche Seeding Grant” e.g. Jane Smith_2020 Poche Seeding Grant.
  • Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by mid-December 2019.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The lead Chief Investigator (C.I.A.) on the application must hold an eligible UQ salaried appointment. The appointment must meet the following criteria:
  • must be a Teaching & Research, Teaching Focused, Research Focused, Conjoint or Clinical Academic appointment;
  • must be at least 0.5FTE (full time equivalent);
  • must continue at least until the end of the project;
  • must not be an adjunct, academic title holder or affiliated appointment.
  • There must be at least one other C.I. from an external collaborating organisation, e.g. IUIH and/or one of its member organisations, with a declaration from this individual that they have agreed to be C.I.B. or C.I.C.

Selection Criteria

Selection will be made by an Assessment Panel convened by the UQ Poche Centre, and will include at least one representative each from the UQ Poche Centre, the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences, the Faculty of Medicine and a representative of IUIH.

  • Proposals must clearly demonstrate the benefits of the research and how it delivers on the identified research theme.
  • Proposals must clearly demonstrate the level of collaboration within UQ and with the external collaborating organisation, including the level of support for Indigenous researchers and/or Indigenous HDR students.
  • Proposals that outline how the seed funding project may lead to external grant applications will be viewed favourably.

Conditions of Award

Ethical Clearance

It is the responsibility of the recipient to comply with the University's ethical clearance requirements. If you are unsure whether you require ethical clearance for your project, please refer to the UQ Research and Innovation website:  Recipients will also be responsible for complying with any external ethical clearance and governance requirements, as appropriate.

Period of Grant

The grant is only valid for the period awarded. There will be no availability for the carry forward of unspent funds.

Use of Grant

Recipients need to contact their unit finance officer as soon as possible to make arrangements to commence expenditure on the grant in accordance with the budget. The funds can be used for salaries and other categories of approved research expenditure consistent with the application.

Variation to Grant

Request to vary any approved expenditure or activity should be forwarded to and the School/Centre/Institute finance officer. Variation requests must be justified, and supported by relevant Heads. 

Relinquishment/Termination of Grant

If the recipient is unable to complete the project, they must notify immediately and return any unexpended funds.

Reporting Requirements

A six-month interim progress report is to be completed by 31st July, 2020 and submitted via email to The report should be no longer than one A4 page and should include –

  1. CI Names and School/Centre/Faculty Institute affiliations
  2. Title of Project
  3. A brief response addressing the following points -
    1. What are the key achievements against the timeline and project description?
    2. Are there issues that have impacted or may impact on your capability and capacity to deliver on the project?
    3. Provide an overview of spending to date

A Final Report on the grant is to be completed by 31st January 2021 and submitted via email to  The report should be no longer than two A4 pages and should be in the following format -

  1. CI Names and School/Centre/Faculty Institute affiliations
  2. Title of Project
  3. A brief response addressing the following points -
  1. Research achievement and impact
  2. Any outputs of the project (publications, conference presentations, articles etc.)
  3. Progress towards an application for external funding for this or a related project
  4. A budget reconciliation

In addition, a draft publication for submission to a journal should also be provided with the Final Report via email to

Project outputs will be disseminated through the UQ Poche Centre to key partners and IUIH.


Dr Leanne Coombe, Program Lead, Education & Research at the UQ Poche Centre
344 32676