James is currently completing his PhD within the School of Public Health at The University of Queensland (UQ) and joined Poche in 2024. James’ work focuses on using mixed-methodologies and community-based participatory research to address the needs of priority groups. As a proud Queer person, much of James’ work focuses on the LGBTQIA+ community. This includes helping develop an affirming model of care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBTQIASGBB peoples, community co-design of mental health interventions (including digital programs and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy), the life experiences of aromantic people, and improving access to gender-affirming health services.

James also conducts research exploring sexual health, the wellbeing of university students, and the mental health of neurodivergent communities. In 2022, James was awarded the UQ Ally Award in recognition of his work creating a safer UQ for LGTBQIA+ people. James is currently a member of the Queensland Government’s advisory panel on LGBTQIA+ issues and helping to develop Queensland’s LGBTQIA+ strategy. Prior to this role, James worked for Lady Gaga on her Born This Way Foundation Youth Advisory Board.