Robbie is a proud Wakka Wakka man from Cherbourg with connections to Kamilaroi and Bindal country. Robbie acquired a Certificate IV in Youth Work in 2018. This, mixed with the privilege of growing up on Country but also experiencing other communities across NT, QLD & NSW while growing up has allowed Robbie to effectively navigate the health, youth, legal, SEWB and family sector(s) over the past 6 years. This was specifically in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs in multiple urban, rural and remote settings. This includes work in his own community, as well as Cape York communities, Cairns and surround communities and Brisbane.

Robbie has a particular interest in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Men’s and Youth wellbeing, which has led him into commencing as a Senior Research Assistance at the Poche Centre in 2023 supporting the IMPACT STI’s & ENDING STI’s research projects.

Robbie is now undertaking a Cert IV in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research Theory & Practices to build on and solidify previous knowledges and experiences with plans to continue study into a Master’s degree (HDR) afterwards.