Researcher biography

Dr. K. M. Shahunja is a physician and accomplished clinical researcher. He earned his MBBS degree from Bangladesh, a Postgraduate Diploma in Paediatrics and Child Health from the UK, and later pursued PhD from the UQ, Australia. His doctoral research focused on investigating the impact of familial and neighbourhood dynamics, as well as psychosocial environmental changes, on the trajectories of asthma symptoms in Australian children, following a life-course approach. Dr. Shahunja is affiliated with the Life Course Centre at UQ and is actively involved in a collaborative project with the World Health Organization. This project explores longitudinal studies and linked data sources across Australia to examine health and well-being over different life stages associated with healthy ageing. Since his post-doctoral period, he has been working in Indigenous health, developing life-course interventions to improve the health of First Nations peoples in Australia. He is currently working on an NHMRC-GACD Non-Communicable Disease Prevention project aimed at preventing NCDs among Indigenous children and youth in major cities of Australia. Before his tenure at UQ, Dr. Shahunja dedicated nearly a decade to research overseas. Through his extensive clinical research endeavours, Dr. Shahunja has contributed significantly to the body of knowledge in his field, as evidenced by more than 60 publications in peer-reviewed journals.