Lauren is a Research Officer at the UQ Poche Centre with the ATLAS Indigenous Primary Care Surveillance Network. She aims to support the use of data to tell a story that identifies opportunities to drive improvements in service delivery. 

Prior to joining Poche, Lauren worked with the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Sector to identify and support the implementation of Continuous Quality Improvement activity across preventative health care in primary health service settings.  For more than twenty years Lauren has worked between the health and education sector.

Lauren is the chair of QuIHN, a statewide, not for profit, and non-government health service which provides a variety of health services to people who use drugs throughout Queensland.

Laurens’ interest is in the ongoing improvement of the way in which we identify, test and treat communicable diseases; namely Blood-Borne Viruses (BBVs), Sexually Transmissible Infections (STIs) and more recently using the learnings to extend to other vaccine preventable diseases.