Poche Indigenous Health Network Key Thinkers Forum

Wed 7 Jul 2021 1:00pm

Dr Carmen Parter joins panel facilitated by Prof. Tom Calma AO at the PIHN Key Thinkers Forum.

The current models of practice are not working to effectively “close the Gap”. Despite a growing willingness and need to consider new proposed models of practice, there remains a deep-seated resistance to identifying and addressing institutional and systemic racism and racist attitudes, including unconscious biases held by individuals. Western non-Indigenous worldviews of ways of being, knowing and doing continue to dominate the decisions and actions of governments –and consequentially dominate public health policies and practices. There is an unacceptable standard approach, for and about Indigenous health instead of with Indigenous peoples, resulting in the neglectful dismissal of Indigenous knowledges and Indigenous cultures of ways of being, knowing and doing. How can we get the ‘r’ word on every agenda?