Richard is a French-Canadian from Ontario, Canada. He moved to Meanjin in 2019 to complete his PhD in Human Services at Griffith. Prior, Richard worked as a research professional for more than fifteen years planning, coordinating, and implementing health and health service research across a variety of spaces; from suicide and mental health care trajectories to pharmacy practice and vaccine hesitancy.

Richard’s PhD, "Practice at the research interface: Two-Eyed Seeing, community-engaged research practice, and non-Indigenous collaboration in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health research" explored community-engaged research practice from a dialectical sociology perspective to identify the system- and community-level enablers/constraints to genuine research collaborations in community spaces.

Guided by his Aboriginal mentors, Richard engaged in Etuaptmumk (Two-Eyed Seeing) to explore how to do research differently, how to foster genuine collaborations with community, and most importantly, how to meaningfully support communities to self-determine their involvement in health research. Working alongside community these last few years has been completely transformative for Richard, as he learned to listen, and listened to learn. Richard is excited to continue his journey of learning with the team at Poche.

Researcher biography