Karen Chong is a Waanyi/Garawa/Gangalida woman born and raised on Gangalida Country, Burketown in the Gulf of Carpentaria North West Queensland.

She is a Clinical Research Assistant/Sleep Coach and training to become a Sleep Technologist. Karen became the first ever Indigenous Sleep Coach in Australia's first ever Sleep Health Program for First Nations Youth at the UQ Poche Centre for Indigenous Health Lets Yarn About Sleep Program based in Mount Isa.

She has over 25 years working with Children and the Community Services Sector. She began study through Remote Area Teaching Program to become a Teacher then trained in IT Information and Technology whilst working at a primary school.

Karen became Chairperson to her local Aboriginal Organisation which had local Indigenous houses overseeing several properties and has also worked as an agent for Centrelink's Work for the dole program CDEP.

She has travelled in Queensland alongside the local CEO of Burke Shire Council representing housing and other relevant issues and is and advocate for children. Over the years Karen has opened her home to vulnerable children providing care and stability to those from fractured families. She has always advocated for children and loves to give back to her people. She also worked with the Homeless Sector in Townsville.