Zoe recently completed a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Public Health at the University of Queensland and plans to commence a master’s degree in 2024.

Before joining UQ Poche Centre for Indigenous Health she completed a research project under the supervision of Associate Professor Federica Barzi, investigating sexually transmitted infections and blood-borne virus risk behaviours, wellbeing, and sexual healthcare access of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth, utilising the GOANNA2 Survey data. She received a high distinction and is in the process of adapting the research report for publishing. She is currently a Junior Research Assistant for the Deadly Fit Mums and Birthing in Our Country projects, focusing on increasing health outcomes for Indigenous babies and their mothers.

Zoe is interested in addressing the complex relationship between sexually transmitted infections, blood borne viruses and mental health in young adults, with particular focus on LGBTQIA+ individuals. She is also interested in women’s health, prevention and control of other communicable diseases and healthcare service coordination and management.