Researcher biography

Fatima is a Pharmacist, Sleep Scientist and Epidemiologist. Her research involves identifying approaches to enhance health outcomes for vulnerable and disadvantaged population groups, specifically focusing on how epidemiological analyses can better inform policy and health services to reduce health disparities. Fatima has led significant research into the epidemiology of poor sleep and the connection between poor sleep, mental health and cardio-metabolic outcomes with a number of projects focused on rural, remote and Indigenous Australian populations. She is nationally recognised for her leadership and advocacy for improving the sleep health of First Nations peoples in Australia. She also has significant experience in rural and remote health services evaluation and identifying strategies for better uptake and delivery of health services.

Fatima was recently honoured with a 2021 Queensland Young Tall Poppy Science Award in recognition of her work in leading the co-design and delivery of a sleep health program for Indigenous adolescents and facilitating Indigenous youth workers' training and upskilling to work as a sleep coach in the community. She is also establishing a sleep clinic in remote Queensland led by nurses and Aboriginal health workers, which will be the prototype for rolling out similar services in rural and remote Australia.

Fatima is currently a member of the Indigenous working party of the Australasian Epidemiological Association, the Australasian Sleep Association and has recently joined the Sleep Health Foundation as the Chair of the Working Party for Sleep Health of First Nations Peoples. Fatima's research has been published in reputed international journals and received considerable local and global media attention (covered in over 450 media stories and more than 30 radio and television interviews).