Researcher biography

Bryan Mukandi’s background is in medicine, public health, and philosophy. His research interests revolve around the health and well-being of those who Fanon described as ‘the damned of the earth’.

Bryan’s medical studies now take the form of an interest in the medical humanities, particularly medical education, bioethics and the philosophy of medicine. Much of this interest is focused on the phenomenology of the doctor-patient relationship, beginning with what it means to see or be seen by a health practitioner, especially when the patient or client is a member of a marginalised group. His public health work similarly focuses on projects directed at improving health outcomes of those who bear the brunt of social inequality, and how those projects and the individuals at whom they are directed are understood. The bulk of this work is currently directed to the study of the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth, and its gendered dimensions.

All of this is undergirded by Bryan’s philosophical work, which draws on continental European philosophy, African philosophy, and Black thought more broadly (the philosophy, literature, visual arts and music of Black and Indigenous peoples). He continues to explore and deconstruct the existential and phenomenological dimensions of coloniality, and the various ways in which the colonised have historically understood and today articulate their sense of themselves, and of their situations.

PhD and MPhil Supervision

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