Researcher biography

Leanne is an academic specialising in Indigenous public health. She has a strong background as a health practitioner, executive manager in both the Australian Government and Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services, and as an international public health consultant. In her current position at the University of Queensland (UQ) she is responsible for coordinating teaching and learning activities identified through the UQ Poche Centre for Indigenous Health, and supporting Indigenous health curriculum development and delivery across the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences. She has extensive experience teaching using a strengths-based approach as opposed to the deficit model, and supports other staff to utilise culturally-safe teaching practices across medicine, dentistry, nursing, allied health and public health programs at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level. She brings this knowledge and experience to her role as a member of the World Federation of Public Health Associations' Public Health Professionals' Education and Training Working Group, which has recently published the results of a curriculum mapping project benchmarked against the Global Charter for the Public’s Health. Earlier this year, Leanne and the Indigenous Health Education and Workforce Development team from UQ and the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health were awarded the Universities Australia Award for Programs that Enhance Learning.