Researcher biography

Mitchell is a postdoctoral researcher interested in Decolonial studies, Education and Health. He earned his doctorate from UQ which focused on the key learning, teaching and policy (APST 1.4 and 2.4) challenges situated in the contemporary Indigenous Australian education space at university. Mitchell initially trained as a secondary school teacher in the disciplines of English and History in Queensland and studied Education for over a decade. During this time, Mitchell also taught at university, published and worked across various levels of education. As a Quandamooka researcher, Mitchell is interested in discussing social matters with like-minded scholars for positive community change. Mitchell is an advocate of strength-based thinking and decoloniality. He also enjoys playing music, spending time with family and practising holistic health and wellness.

Mitchell would like to connect with national and international scholars. Please reach out through email


Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

Graduate Certificate in Education Studies

Master of Education and Professional Studies Research

Professional Certificate in Indigenous Research

Doctor of Philosophy