Project Title

Culturally responsive methodology for the communication assessment of Australian Aboriginal children


Tara's project is of great significance to speech pathology practice locally, in Australia and internationally. In particular, Tara’s research will hold significant potential for health and education professionals working with Aboriginal children, and attempting to assess their communication skills in a culturally appropriate way. There is currently no validated Indigenous Methodology for the assessment of the communication abilities of Australian Aboriginal children. It is anticipated that this research will provide an overview of the meaning and significance Aboriginal people place on communication and will make a comparison to the significance of communication according to speech pathologists. The methodology that is developed through this research will inform speech pathologists and other allied health professionals as well as significant others, Aboriginal Health Workers, and Community Liaison Officers of a culturally responsive assessment methodology for Australian Aboriginal children. The findings of this study have the potential to be used more broadly to inform the assessment practices of other education and health professionals. In addition, the findings may be used to inform assessment and indeed management practices with clients from a range of different cultural backgrounds.


Researcher biography

Tara Lewis is a Iman woman from the Taroom country of Western Queensland. She grew up in Brisbane and graduated with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology.