Our Research

UQ Poche leads a research effort to develop a comprehensive approach to urban Indigenous health, with an emphasis on translational research and a focus on prevention and education. In collaboration with our partners in primary health care, UQ Poche research contributes to improved models of health service delivery for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in urban areas.

Our Centre is focused on improving urban Indigenous health outcomes across the life course across three core themes:

  • Maternal and child health (Mums and Bubs);
  • Young people and adolescents (Healthy Transition to Adulthood);
  • Adults and older people (Healthy Living, Healthy Ageing).

Additionally, UQ Poche has broad workforce development objectives to both support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in pathways to careers in health, as well as to ensure that all UQ staff, students and graduates are better trained to work in Indigenous health.

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PhD and MPhil students

UQ Poche Centre offers a generous scholarship for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students undertaking research in the area of Indigenous health and wellbeing. The Centre provides support to scholarship holders over the course of their research degree.