Our Vision is to provide national leadership in urban Indigenous health research and workforce development.

We will achieve this by working collaboratively with Indigenous community organisations and health providers and developing a skilled, culturally responsive, health workforce.

Poche Network Vision:

To help close the gap in life expectancy and achieve health equality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Our Mission is to

  1. Develop a skilled and available workforce, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, to respond to the challenges in urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health;
  2. Contribute to the education and training of health researchers and practitioners.
  3. Undertake research that responds to needs identified by Indigenous communities and aims to improve urban Indigenous health outcomes across the life course, from maternal and child health, through adolescence to the challenges of chronic disease and ageing, with a major focus on prevention and education.
  4. Produce research, in collaboration with primary health care providers, which translates to immediate outcomes for Indigenous communities.